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Wild Goat Hunting Photos 1
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 Shahzad and Fahd   Ahmad (nov-06)

Scott Fandrich (Colorado-USA  feb-06)  with  just some of his goats shot on a 2 day hunt

  Nathan with his first New Zealand wild goat
                                                                                                                                                             Jeff Hess with just some of his goats  ( MS USA feb 06)                              Nathan Schnetzler and a young billy (USA sept 05)                                  

      Marks first bow shot wild goat
           Barry Stephan  with 2 young billys                           Mark Ferley with his first bow shot wild goat
      ( Michigan USA) july 04                                                                  (Canada April 05)


 Michael with a huge Billy       (CHCH- NZ )  July04      Joe with her first goat   

Max with his goat he shot with a rifle    A bow shot young billy goat
Max with his rifle and bow shot goats ( Russia ) July 04

Lefferts shot this young white billy goat high up on a rocky bluff  A young feral angora billy goat
Just one of  Leff Mabie's Goats  ( Florida USA) June 04

Two feral angora cross goats   A feral angora nanny goat
Some good long range shooting  from Jamie and Maree (Queenstown) Jan 04

    Two billy goats one white and the other pure black  Taylars first goat a angora cross doe
              Adrian with  two young billies  feb 04                     Tayler Rowly (USA) march 04

Photos 1     Photos 2      Photos 3   Photos 4   Photos 5

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