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Duck Hunting Photos 3
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Doctari Safaris   takes you  game bird  hunting * Total  excitement in Central Otago New Zealand

Greg Lewis with some large turkeys & quail
      Geo Cronje with his female paradise duck
    Greg Lewis with his
quail and turkeys ( NZ )  june03    Geo Cronje South African rugby player
                                                                                &  paradise duck     

Waterfowl hunting new Zealand photos

Hundreds of ducks the day before the opening      Collecting the days kill
                           Hundreds of ducks                                               Dean   collecting  some ducks                             
 2 days before opening day may 03                                                                                     
Paradise ducks retrieved by a springer spanial     Hanging up the ducks before plucking and dressing
              Paradise ducks                                 A successful weekends duck hunting
Black Lab axle with another retreive       New Zealand native scaup
   Axle ( black Lab) retrieves a parry                                  New Zealands protected  scaup
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           which the dog caught ( was later released)

Photos 1      Photos 2     Photos 3  Photos 4  Photos 5

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