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Duck Hunting
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Doctari Safaris   takes you  game bird  hunting * Total  excitement in Central Otago New Zealand
Simon Smith with some of  his collection of  birds  (UK , june 06)

                    Harris Reynolds from Alabama (may 06)          Marty and Jim( USA ) with three grey ducks ( June 06)    Marty, Jim and Rick (AUS) with 65 mallards

Eric and Renee's bag of waterfowl shot in just two daysA fine pair of native paradise ducks shot by Eric and Renee Martin of Missouri Renee's black swan  shot on dark   
Eric and Renee Martin from Missouri with their bag of  birds shot in a two day hunt ( july 05)             Renee's huge black swan

A hybred duck shot by Eric Martin from MissouriEric shot this native shoveler as it came in to decoys Eric Martin with his paradise drake , shot while turkey huntingRenee Martin with a new zealand grey duck
        Eric with his hybred duck  and a nice mature shoveler drake                                        Eric  with a Paradise drake                                  Renee and her grey duck

Shane and Todd  with a pair of  paradise ducks and  three magpies .
Shane is a taxidermist from the USA and is planning to get these mounted

  Photos 1          Photos 2         Photos 3   Photos 4   Photos 5

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