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Red Stag Trophy Photos
Bow and Rifle

Tim Young (USA)

Leigh Paine ( AUS) Bow                             Ed Young (USA)                                   Mark Zorn (USA)

                    Jamie Kozak  (Canada)                                        Joey Moss ( Canada) Bow

Adam White ( AUS) Bow                                  Austin and Dean Rice ( Alaska)             

Christian Evens                                                 Steve Rudd                                                        Joe

Brendon Simmons  bow                           Martin Ward                                       Mik Parola

Jamie Kozak                                         Joey Moss                                    Joseph Makhoul                        Alex Nielsen

                                     Andy Young and Joe Emmerton ( AUS )    bow                                                      Kurt and Dane Eames ( AUS)  bow                                         

  Kevin and Zac with a big NZ red stag  11 year old new zealander Zac with a big stag ,shot 240 mters with his dad 30-06
Kevin  Samson with his two boys and their  nice Stags ( NZ )

USA hunter Derek with a nice new zealand red stag   New Zealand Red stag shot by Mike Burns from the USA  Paul Sullivan with his big Doctari Safaris Red Stag
   Derek ( USA)                             Mike Burns ( USA)                         Paul Sullivan ( USA)

Huge Red Stag Shot by Bill Holekamp from the USA  Bakkies Botha (South African Rugby player ) with a huge red stag shot 2011 roar  Soth African rugby player Dean Greylings with a really nice big red stag shot new zealand roar 2011
Bill Holekamp ( USA)                 Bakkies Botha ( South Africa )             Dean Greylings ( South Africa )

Hunter Ross Grange from USA  shot this red stag following a tahr hunt in 2011   Tim Powers from the states and a big red stag shot 2010 with his son  Mark Powers with a really big even red stag shot in 2010 with his dad
             Ross Grange ( USA )                      Tim Powers  ( USA )                 Mark Powers  ( USA )

Body builder Marty Killion ( USA )shot this red stag 2010  A big 24 point stag  shot By Emil in the  2012 roar Jon with his very even new zealand red stag
Marty Killion ( USA )                                              USA hunters Emil and Jon  

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