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The Bow Hunters Heaven
High shot opportunities for our bow hunting and that means success
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Unique" free range " open tussock and native bush  pig hunting New Zealand


Wild Pig Hunting

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" The adrenaline rush "

Pig shooting New Zealand
Many first time pig hunters have shot their first pig with Doctari Safaris and our success rate
of  100%  2009 says it all.
Pigs from 50lbs up to 230 lbs have been taken by bow or rifle.
Sometimes  getting  a shot  as close  as 15 feet from the pig
sure makes it exciting and perfect
 for bowhunting.
So all you bow hunters and first time pig hunters out there .This is what you
 have been
  waiting  for. We have no trophy fees for pig hunting and can combine fallow deer
 wild goats , turkeys and small game for one great hunting experience you wont forget.

Once you have had your hunt and shot your pig we will skin,bone,bag your pork so you can take
 it home with you or if you have taken a good trophy we will head skin it for your taxidermist.
But remember book early for the 2010 summer season as we have a limited number of  pig hunts.
 .Hunt and kill with your bow  turkey ,deer, goat , pig , rabbit , hare , ferret and feral cat .
 The best bow hunting package in New Zealand
    Bow  Hunting  Hogs  or   Hunting  with  Dogs - wild  pig  hunting  the ultimate adventure with Doctari  Safaris  

  Doctari  Safaris  combined  -  wild  pig  hunting  - wild goat - wild turkey  -  water fowl  hunting  at  no extra  cost
Want to hunt  pigs with dogs and knife click here

Check out our great 5 day packages


We have the best open tussock pig hunting in New Zealand
"Warning pig hunting can be hazardous to your health"
For more details contact.
Steve & Nicky Dougherty 
 1RD Ranfurly Central Otago
New Zealand

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