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Importing firearms and bows into New Zealand

When you arrive in New Zealand you must:

  1. Declare all firearms to New Zealand Customs Officials
  2. Declare all firearms to the New Zealand Police
  3. Apply for a Visitors Firearms Licence (T licence) which is valid for one year
  4. Apply to the Airport Police at the International Airport for a Permit to Import

Visitors Licence

To obtain a Visitors Firearms Licence you must pay $25 and show Police:

  1. Your passport
  2. Evidence you have a firearms licence (or equivalent) in your own country.

Permit to Import

You need approval to bring firearms into New Zealand.

Provided your firearms are of the type approved for import into New Zealand, you will receive your Permit for Import immediately on your arrival.

Please check if your firearms are of the approved type before you arrive in New Zealand.
 The list of approved for import is available here or by supplying details of the make and model of the firearms to:

The Manager
Licencing and Vetting Service Centre
Police National Headquarters
PO Box 3017

Phone: +64 44749539
Fax +64 44991065

Email the firearms team

If the type of firearm you wish to import into New Zealand is not currently approved it will be sent to the New Zealand Police Armoury,
 who will either approve or decline your application.
If your application is declined, Police will retain your firearms until you leave New Zealand.

Restricted Firearms

The importation of pistols, military style assault rifles known in New Zealand as MSSAs (military style semi-automatics)
 and automatic firearms is strictly controlled by the New Zealand Police.
You are advised not to arrive in New Zealand with any restricted firearms other than with a permit to import.

Bringing in your Bow

Make sure you declare it at customs and have it in a secure lockable bowcase.


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