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High shot opportunities for our bow hunting and that means success.
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Wild Goat Bow Hunting Adventures

" The underrated Feral "
wild goat hunting new zealand
Doctari's goats are both alert, and agile, and these qualities make them a  great challenge to
  bow hunt.  Goats are multi-coloured, from the white Angora cross to the feral blacks and browns
with some tri-colours. These goats are found on all types of terrain from steep rocky outcrops
 to the open tussock . This enables every bow hunter ( fit or unfit ) a chance to hunt goats.
These goats  also make great bow hunting. With our limit of three goats a day you are assured
of an excellent adventure in our stunning mountains .The male billy goat is an impressive animal,
and capes and horns are sought after as trophies. Inquire about a suitable hunt for this summer.

  Bow hunting New Zealand wild  Goats with Doctari Safaris  Ranfurly Central Otago NZ

100% success  2014 -hunting free range New Zealand wild goats -on privately owned high country

" The challenge"
Bow Hunt New Zealand Wild
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If you are a bow hunter here is your dream hunt.
Hunt and kill with your bow  turkey ,deer, goat , pig , rabbit , hare , ferret and feral cat .
 The best bow hunting package in New Zealand

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