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The Bow Hunters Heaven
High shot opportunities for our bow hunting and that means success.
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" Hunting New Zealand Waterfowl and Game Birds in the unique plains of  the Maniototo "
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  Waterfowl  & Upland Game Hunting

"Excitement plus in New Zealand"
Paradise duck , Shoveler duck , Mallard duck ,Grey duck , Black swan , Pukeko , Californian quail,
complimentary duck hunting in new zealand  with  our new zealand wild mountain turkey hunting special

  We have limited hunts for this season
 so get a group  together or come single and we will team you up.

  DVD on Doctari Safaris paradise duck hunting

Opening  day and season for waterfowl and game birds in  our region (Central Otago)

Waterfowl species & season :
2015 season
sat: 2th  may to last sun july

mallard , grey  , mallard X grey hybrid ducks ,
black swan ,  pukeko , shoveler
Native paradise duck
( Tadorna Variegata
  7th may to ? august
bag limit  12 per day

 Canada geese:
all year
If sufficient numbers in our area to hunt
                                Upland game bird season 2015:                       
 june  to end august
californian quail

Bow hunting: ALL YEAR
License fees :
License needed for all waterfowl and upland gamebirds..
No License needed  for turkey hunting

Game That May be Hunted or Killed—Duration of 2015/2016 Season

2 Definition of Areas

2.1 Area A: The Clutha River catchment upstream from the Clyde Dam.

2.2 Area B: The Clutha River catchment downstream from the Clyde Dam;
the Taieri River catchment and all the coastal catchments between Shag Point and The Brothers Point on the east coast of the South Island.

3 Shooting Hours

Area A: 7.00am to 6.45pm

Area B: 7.00am to 6.30pm

Canada geese may be hunted or killed 24 hours per day during the period 1 Aug 2011 to
31 March 2012 inclusive.

4 Decoy Limit

No limit.

Please note : limits are not guaranteed on our duck or quail  hunts

Hunt waterfowl over decoys on ponds , fields , dams or  jump shoot , walking  rivers and swamps  with dog

New Zealand is an English speaking country with a safe and friendly environment.
Our multicultural country is one of the safest countries to visit in the world.
 With a clean green image we pride ourselves in our  fantastic hunting and fishing.
Safe, friendly  flying with  Qantas

 Duck in New Zealand dont migrate, this means they are in our area the whole hunting season.
  Ducks are very weary early in the season due to hunting pressure but by the start of june have
 settled  and are getting hungry as we get further into winter. This helps the hunter as the ducks
 are now feeding  in young  grass fields and grain that is fed to stock by farmers, also they are
 decoying and coming into calling much better than  they were in  the earlier part of the season.
Our native new zealand paradise duck and the cunning mallard are our main ducks hunted.

We hunt mornings with layout blinds , hay bale blinds ,and permanent blinds.
On  fields , ponds , rivers swamps and back waters with decoys , robo ducks and silhouette's
The afternoon is spent hunting other animals  i.e.: turkey , quail, deer , pig , goat or smallgame

Paradise duck is native only to New Zealand and a pair make a prized taxidermy memento
 of a great trip down under.
Hunt them over decoys in fields or on water.
Large groups most welcome with transfers from Queenstown and Dunedin .
Accommodation available close to prime hunting.
Hunting equipment supplied i.e.: shotgun , ammo , waders , license .

More info on Otago waterfowl hunting click below
( Otago fish and game)



(  Firearms  importation info )

New Zealand's native paradise duck hunting out of layout blinds

For USA references call
Lefferts L. Mabie
Tampa, FL

PH: 813-273-6811
 Eric and Renee Martin
Jim Rembert  in Madison, Mississippi  (601) 856-0033

Shane Smith on  256- 495- 2596  www.waterfowltaxidermy.com

Great Britain references call
Simon Smith on
Home-01673 844466    Mobile-07917 830895

Photos 1          Photos 2       Photos 3   Photos 4    Photos 5

For more information contact : Steve & Nicky  Dougherty
1RD Ranfurly Central Otago New Zealand