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The Bow Hunters Heaven
High shot opportunities for bow hunting and that means success.
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 Bow Hunting 2017

Fallow buck  Red Stag  Arapawa ram

Please Note
These hunts are tough with bow
 and can take a few days
 You will see plenty of animals so chances are good
Check out our self guided five day meat & buck bow hunt

Pay for Hunt  or  Deposit for Hunt Online


 Self guided five day meat bow hunt
Extra days $300

Buck extra NZ$1000 with this hunt

If you are a compound , recurve , longbow or crossbow hunter and want to hunt many different varieties of new zealand game then here is your dream hunt.
Hunt with bow 15 wild turkeys (2 per day) , 1 fallow doe & 1 red hind ( females ) , 15 wild goats (2 per day) , 2 pigs
 plus all the rabbit , hare , ferret and feral cat you want .
The best bow hunting package in New Zealand . No hunting experience needed . Terrain suitable for all fitness levels.
 Spot and stalk , Still hunt, Tree stand and hides we have it all.
includes: airport transfers (Queenstown or Dunedin) . Six free nights lodging set in the heart of the hunting area.
" Doctari Lodge "

Extra costs: Guide, food , Alternative lodging , taxidermy or head skin prep for expediting of trophy.Bow hunters guide fees are $500 per day

2000 acres
 high fenced park , plus over 20,000 acres free range hunting for meat

Bow hunting
This stunning terrain on our private  high country farm  is perfect for bow hunting ,with plenty of free ranging open country  but
 enough native bush and scrub for stalking your quarry. Excellent vantage points for glassing game and a designated area strictly
 for turkey and fallow deer  bow hunters . Whether it be deer hunting ,pig hunting ,goat hunting, turkey hunting ,small game
 hunting ,or even combination hunts. Doctari Safaris has the bow hunting adventure for  you .

FREE Lodging
Accommodation in our NEW " DOCTARI LODGE " free with booking a hunt and is in the heart of our bow hunting area .No need
 to travel miles to get to the prime hunting each morning. Just wake up, have breakfast, and step outside ,as easy
 as that! You are guaranteed tosee game within minutes of leaving the camp . Plenty of shot opportunities means
great success , wander around at will or set-up and wait for that big billy or fallow buck.

The Land
The lay of the land is flat to easy slopes  with  steep climbing  hills, if hunting takes you higher. We have a
 large gorge ( canyon) were  wild goats , fallow deer and pigs live.This is the place to take a hike for some great
 bow hunting . Amazing scenery and is very peaceful. Check out some terrain photos on the link below.
Over 20,000 acres of land access plus a 2000 acre game park high fenced

Terrain photos

Fallow deer are all over this area and can appear from the smallest of cover ,they make great bow hunting and numbers
 are high. Hunting from our tree stand can make it  easier to take a deer, but  spot and stalk is most popular .The tree stand is only
5 minutes walk from the bunkhouse. We have portable hides  that can be carried around or set up  prier.

We pride ourselves in offering a  professional hunting  service with top quality equipment . Most of our Bow hunts are self guided
but we do help as much as we  can especially with the pig and deer . Shot opportunities are very high and success of a kill is nearly perfect with 99%
 of bow hunters taking game. There are good numbers of animals  in all species.

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High shot opportunities means success